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Born amid the rugged beauty of Southern Utah, my journey from a background of adversity and constant change to a pioneer in holistic wellness is fueled by resilience and a deep commitment to personal transformation. 


Amid the challenges, I discovered that being embodied through physically activity was a powerful catalyst for self realization and change. 


My journey from the analog world of commercial photography to the digital mastery of Photoshop, led me to seek healing from prolonged hours editing to the healing realms of yoga, providing both full body lengthening and muscle building. It has not only been a career evolution but a profound personal transformation.


Yoga offered not only physical rejuvenation from the toll of desk work but also a path through psychological healing, guiding me to confront and heal from deep-seated emotional traumas. My exploration led me to the teachings of renowned thought pioneers, deepening my understanding of how conscious movement and intentional breath can unlock pathways to healing and self-awareness.


Today, as a teacher, I blend these insights into a unique practice that engages body and mind, offering others the tools for their own journey of discovery and healing. My approach is not just about physical abilities but understanding how our bodies respond to stress, trauma, and joy through movement and awareness.


Join me in exploring how intentional movement can be more than exercise—it can be a powerful healing tool.

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